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Financial Hilights
Proposal Agenda
Management Discussion & Analysis
Criteria for proposal of agenda item(s) for the AGM and Director Nominee in advance
  1. Proposals shall be proposed by the Company’s shareholder (s) holding a minimum of 1 (one) percent of total issued shares which can be either owned by one shareholder or combined.
  2. The Company reserves the right not to consider the following:
    • Proposal that is not beneficial for the Company’s operation.
    • Proposals that violates the law, rules, and regulations of government agencies or other governing agencies.
    • Proposal that is not complies with the objectives, the Articles of Association, shareholders’ resolutions, and the good corporate governance of the Company.
    • Proposal where the information provided is incomplete or incorrect, or proposed by those who are unable to be contacted.
  3. The Director Nominee shall possess following qualifications;
    • Having qualifications according to the Public Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act and the Good Corporate Governance policies of the Company.
    • Being independent, dedicated, and healthy mentally and physically and being able to perform the director’s fiduciary duties and should be able to attend the Directors’ meeting regularly, study meeting agendas in advance, and productively participate in the meeting in a straight forward manner.
    • Having a good knowledge of the Company’s business i.e. an expert in electric manufacturing service, management, finance and accounting and global economy etc.

Shareholders who would like to propose an agenda item or Nominate a Director in advance shall be a Company’s shall complete the attached form and return to the Company by registered mail by December 30, 2017.

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